We are importers of fabrics and stock in our range of fabrics, made of polyester and nylon.
There are two parameters that change the fabric even if it is made of the same material and they are: wire thickness (Danya), and the coating on the same fabric. These characteristics directly affect the characteristics of the fabrics such as: the thickness of the fabrics, their density, weight, strength, fabric prices and more. The thicker the thickness of the wire, the more straight the cloth is thicker. Polyester fabric and nylon fabric, known as Corradora, are characterized by a different thickness, the thicker the fabric, the stronger. Each type is used for different purposes. At the same time, we import customized fabrics for our clients' needs, such as cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, etc.
Types of fabrics:
Polyester fabric
Corradora fabric
Cloth mesh breathing
PVC transparent fabric with or without squares